Friday, June 16, 2017

Amorical Cup 2017 - result = AMORICAL CUP CHAMPIONS (38/96 personally)

On the weekend of June 2nd/3rd - me and my teammates traveled down to Virginia - where the second North American Team Championship blood bowl tournament was being held, titled the Amorical Cup.

You can read up about it on the website here. Basically teams of 4 entered, each coach needing to use a different race and each race having a points value.  Your team could add up to 10 points, or if you wanted to compete for the equivalent of a "stunty" team trophy, your team had to add up to 6 points or less.  

We chose to go this route
Me: Slann (1), Stimme: Underworld (1), Genghis: Necromantic (3), Doomington: Goblins (1)

It was held at Center Of The Universe Brewing Company in Ashland, Virginia - a great choice!
Game 1 vs Gken1 (chaos): 1-2 loss

He kicked. Stimme would have been proud.  It was a very methodical cage downfield, where I still had 3 of my 4 rerolls left when I scored turn 6. Everything was going my way in the first half - Ken couldn't take any players off the pitch, his minotaur was rolling wild animals like crazy, etc.  This probably led to me feeling the luck was on my side later in the half. He received and went down sideline. I popped the ball but got greedy and tried a pass instead of just holding out for 1-0 at HT. I fumbled the ball and it scattered out of bounds and came back in where he could pick it up and throw a pass, which he duly did needing a gfi to score.  I should have just caged over the ball and ensured as much as possible going into the second half he would need to score twice if he wanted to win.

In the second half, I kicked, he received. I popped the ball but he started taking my players off the pitch. Popped it maybe 2 more times but couldn't get ahold of it. Turn 7 desperation I blitz with my krox needing 2 dodges and 2 gfi and make them all only to roll double push on the block.  By the end of the game his mino had rolled wild animal on 5 of 6 blitzes.

More photos

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 2-2 draw with Gaixo aka Nate Beem the NAF Tournament Director
Genghis: 2-1 win
Doomington: 0-1 loss to Gobdomino aka Nate Ball from skulls and ones podcast.

Game 2 vs Chuckie1982 (ogres): 5-1 win

Bit of a harsh match for English Chris sometime co-conspirator of the skulls and ones podcast. He kicked and I scored on turn 3 or 4. Then I turned him over twice in the first half to go into HT at 3-0. He averaged 2 bonehead ogres per turn the entire match, the first turn alone 4 ogres went bonehead.

Second half I kicked and he scored. Then I scored again and turned him over a final time to win 5-1. His dice were ice cold, he hit me tons just couldn't make any lasting impression.  Was a great opponent kept a smile the entire time. Bought him a beer and we had some laughs

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 4-1 win
Genghis: 2-1 win
Doomington: 1-1 draw

Game 3 vs. Jim Luft (pro elves): 2-1 win

I received and unfortunately wasn't able to do much damage, although I KO'd both of his linemen with catch. I scored giving Jim 3 or 4 turns to reply in the first. Pretty sure I even got a hold of the ball again but he took down my catcher then elf'd me dodging through tackle zones 3 times to hand-off then pass to score.

In the second half I managed to score slowly pretty sure I left him less turns to score than the first half. Finally his catch linemen came back, but managed to hold him off. It's hazy now I can't recall exactly where his drive broke down.

More photos

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 1-0 win
Genghis: 1-2 loss
Doomington: 2-1 win

Game 4 vs. Kilgannon (norse): 3-1 win

Quite nervous coming up against a team full of block, was expecting to take a beating. Luckily I won the coin toss so got to receive and I got a few off the pitch early. Played well for my first TD. He got few hits each turn and I made a gap and ran a bunch of players through. I think he still managed to knock over the ball carrier but had enough around there to grab it and score.

Then came his curse of the butterfingers. I kicked to him, he won a reroll on the kick off, but elected not to use it on the pickup since the ball was pretty safe in his backfield. Unfortunately this sparked a string of 2 or 3 turns he could not pick up the ball, and it meant he had to rush things and had to pass the ball, I got an opportunity to intercept and duly rolled a 6 and that led to me scoring a second in the first half.

Now Scott had to rush it to score twice for a tie. He still had some butterfingers happening so it took about 3 turns. Then he kicked to me and I got it pretty deep in his backfield but not perfectly caged so he popped the ball but couldn't pick it up and I leaped over, grabbed it and scored to essentially seal the game.

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 1-0 win
Genghis: 1-1 draw
Doomington: 1-2 loss

Game 5 vs. Manz62 (slann): 2-2 draw

This was probably both my toughest match and my best played match. Of all the other slann rosters I saw in the lead up to the tournament, I probably liked his the best.

It was probably a mistake to kick, allowing him to hit me first, even with his krox stunned by a thrown rock, he casualtied two linefrogs in the first turn forcing me to use my apo right away. I spent the entire match down players due to his dice just being on fire.

I forced him to score in turn 4 because he just didn't feel safe, so it gave me enough time to manage a late score to tie it up before half time. Unfortunately the next kick off was a riot so he got an extra turn to score, which he duly did once I failed my leap into his cage. He then also got a blitz when I had setup for a very unlikely OTT attempt.

So going into second half I wasn't feeling good about what was happening, but one thing about Slann is you never give up. So once again I got plenty of targets deep and some had to be left standing. I freed them up and I used diving catch to my advantage to keep it to a short pass attempt, leaving Manu a bit shocked. So 2-2 with 3 turns left for him to tie it up and again I left him uncomfortable enough he tried to make the ball extra secure, by handing off to a catcher inside a sideline cage with 2 guarders. Unfortunately for him it was the wrong move and he dropped the ball. I knocked down one of the catchers and KOd him. Left 2 tackle zones on the ball, however 1 was already in an opponents tackle zone. He knocked them away but failed the pickup with no rerolls and gave me the tie.
Definitely tough on Manu having been in control of the game for pretty much the entire time, but no small credit to me for just sticking with it.

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 2-1 win
Genghis: 1-1 draw
Doomington: 2-0 win

Game 6 vs. flyingdingle (wood elf): 1-4 loss

This was a rough one for me. Wasn't a terrible dicing but just failures at crucial opportunities. At 1-1 in the first half receiving  again I threw a pass and fumbled it. Allowing Sol to recover and score. I should have had a reroll left but had earlier taken an opportunity to get a good hit on a wardancer with 3 dice from my krox. Unfortunately didn't do anything, definitely an emotional reroll.
Second half I did fail quite a bit which was frustrating, but I'd had my share of luck too, so sometimes you have to take it on the chin. Sol got 3-1 up and twice I couldn't manage a consolation and he rounded it out with a final TD to really rub my nose in it.

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 2-0 win
Genghis: 2-1 win
Doomington: 1-1 draw

Final Team Standings
So at the end of the day - we beat out Bryan Tew's Rocky Mountain Renegades team by 1 POINT to secure the Amorical Cup Championship for 2017.  Thanks in large part to Alex (Stimme) going 5 wins 1 draw and coming in first (unfortunately he had to leave immediately after his game to catch his flight - which then was delayed so he could easily have stuck around) but we all finished .500 or greater and if we hadn't of finished first, we would have won the All-Amorical Cup trophy (for a 6 point team)
Genghis, Stimme (not pictured), natsirtdm, Doomington (aka Birdhat)
Stimme's 1st place trophy (minus Stimme)
Also as a whole the Canucks did very well - finishing 1st, 3rd (Furious Four - they took the All Amorical trophy from us in a share the wealth thing, Joe Byers placed 2nd), 5th (Rapide et Dangereux from Quebec), 8th (Grand River Rollers), and 11th (Blame Canada) ALL in the top half of teams.

Here's the Canadian contingent.

and everyone!

thanks to the organizers for a great event!

Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 in review & 2016 goals

I did really well for hobby this year.  My year end totals for painting points destroyed my target of 100 with a final total of 271.  In a large part this was helped by the huge points gained for the necromunda stackable terrain - I'm not sure those points are entirely fair, considering the textured spray does a lot of the work, but then I think about all the bits of painting I did for the "metal" components, and time assembling, etc. and I think maybe there was plenty of effort, it just involved less painting.

Regardless, even discounting those points, I managed to break 100 points with painting (and the bash board) alone clocking in at 111 points, so still feel pretty pumped.  I am not going to adjust the target from 100 for next year - it will be a busy one in RL so no need to set myself up for failure.  I am debating making that "painting" only to try and motivate more about the pile of unpainted figures than starting new terrain projects that I've gotten pretty good at doing with minimal effort.

Summary of my 2015

I started the year finishing up a batch of 4 deadzone marauders to give myself enough painted for a strike force, space marines could proxy for enforcers and genestealers for plague so it gave me more options to have some games with buddies.

Then finished a fun old blood bowl figure to use as one of the citadel journal warhammer quest characters "ex-blood bowl player"

I finished painting and assembling my deadzone scenery - I haven't even collected the points for most of it because I do still need to add the weathering powders, but it was a fair amount of effort and I'm very pleased with it.

I built a custom brewhouse bash board to donate to my buddy Grant to use in his Brewhouse Bowl blood bowl tournament.

Was loving the krylon "make it stone" textured sprays, so I used the spare MDF from the bash board to base my old school cardstock and bulkhead "imperial firebase" terrain piece.

Once I'd decided to wait on trying to offload more space marine stuff, I got some more of my Raptor Legion painted up (some scouts and some corsairs)

Found the inspiration for stackable terrain and ended up building an entire necromunda tables worth of scenery quickly - this got donated to a buddy.

Finally got a start on some ravenwing because I got the display board laser cut.  Painted up a squad and some black knights and a couple characters. Squad 1 + Techmarine.  Black Knights + Chaplain.

Pretty large break for the end of the year and finally got a bunch of my blood bowl ganja girls team painted in preparation for Amazon challenge with Grant next year.

Plans for 2016

Going to try to leave this a bit loose - do what my heart fancies :)

  • Do weathering powders on my deadzone terrain so it is complete.
  • Definitely want to get another blood bowl team painted.  I have my human team practically complete bar the ogre and they have been sitting around too long.
  • Finish? the Ravenwing - perhaps only up to 1500 points in time for Astronomi-con.  Only been once before and no idea if I would enjoy a 40k tournament with how little of it I play, but I've enjoyed the ravenwing and they seem decently competitive and I have a display base already. The fact it's in Toronto means I could participate more easily.
  • Deadzone or Necromunda?  I have a few Marauders left that could be finished up, then pick something else to begin working on.
  • I would also really like to get my battle systems sci-fi scenery assembled, it looks fantastic and I feel would make for great deadzone or necromunda games.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ganja Girls additional reinforcements

Final painting points for 2015.  I finished these up Weds night and epoxied them to their bases so had to wait to take pics.  Ended up being that I just painted up the treewoman and the prone/stunned markers.  Will make a separate year end/looking forward post with my thoughts on painting this year.
for use when playing as wood elves
5 for the treewoman and 1 each for the markers is 7 more painting points. I would have preferred to have painted the model for bertha bigfist seeing as how I'll be using the team as Amazons but I haven't been able to find it.
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